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Full Version: 鴨嘴獸已出獄,瘋狂現身GRINDR 搵勒索對象
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案件編號:ESCC1203/20118 S* a, m+

[Image: dFiQOue.jpg] q1 R& P
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案情指事主X(卅一歲)於○七年在網上認識被告盧敏南(廿四歲),但因與被告「無感覺」而停止聯絡。直至去年一月廿日,被告致電X,聲稱有財政困難及借款一百元,X因二人皆為同志而答應。7 V5 ]) M& E# Q; j  V. l

被告於翌日再致電X的辦公室要求借款五百元但遭拒絕,他遂恐嚇要向X的同事公開其性取向,X無奈就範。事後被告仍不停致電X,X均沒有接聽,並於去年一月廿九日報警。8 q! O% ~/ o& F& r
% O$ i; Z! a/ Q  T. I

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9 w; d- u6 C, b8 e0 h) z
辯方求情稱,被告深感後悔,亦願作出賠償,又指案件勢將令他失去洗衣工作。        3 S3 i) v/ B* k6 K0 P' ^& U  S


This is really a bad attitude, though not interested in him by saying no, he also impolitely complained me for turning him down and said I was impolite! Such similar people with poor bad personalty who do not accept anyone turning him down and complained others not polite instead or not respecting them! These people not respecting people while saying others' problem are those jealous people such as urgly, no education people! Such a urgly person without education and lack of love is really a mental disorder dog or even lower or worse than dogs!

Similarly to straight people, though gay is not proactive and they blamed their fault to us! Are straight men feel reactive to same sex? Weak penis! Can they compare with gay people with same sex desire ie normal inborn gene with normal desire! Only those with different sex desire is abnormal! They just make fool of us and compare themselves better than gay people!

Bad people are full in Hong Kong, Chinese without asking and clarifying and just as thinking what they think! blaming their falses to others without any good manners and attitudes!

Dont be nice to any Hong Kong people, they just take your advantages while making fool or hurt you by looking at your shortcoming or weakness!

What such bad people residents worth in Hong Kong  ?! NONE! These are all well known matters around the world in every conrner and only Hong Kong residents still fancy them as best out of human in this world! LOVE STILL ? Only fancy stupid people still believe so!
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