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Full Version: 【公益廣告】Men2Men:早查早安心!
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Taking HIV test earlier and
receiving treatment can effectively reduce
AIDS progression.



To protect your loved ones,
check early for HIV.
無論是情人或固定性伴侶 ,歡迎你跟伴侶一起進行


No need to hesitate,
just take the test.
Those (who are gay should have known and some may not know subject to an individual's personal experience) realise that straight or bisexual is not respecting gay and they only protect their straight friends or their opposite sex objects while gay is only for their benefits purposes only.  Female is more terrible and cheating money proactively even they are your friends and even break your love object relationship if they feel jealous becasue as in common, female do not have good looking spouse/bf in particular of Chinese native, they found gays are more handsome in general and better education and circumstance in average (due to minor population in gay group).  Female and old aged ederly people are wick in reality without man hornmone and because of their lack! Straight?! Either they have no any market or for their untold greedy reasons may accept gay as temporary object but just as an object of their insulting object finally either deeming gay is not wealthy or physically insufficient for their greedy in needs!

But they have plenty reasons for their good reasons without telling their bad hearted matters!

In straight's manners, gay is regarded by them lower and they deem gays are eagering for men disregarding their straight's own bad quality! In fact, gay is more better than them in average! Should they look down themselve instead!

bad people bad personality! ?! jealousy? shyters?!!! same bad people in this circle! anyone nice a real goody!? what is a goody's final achievements well obtained in this cold cruel world?!

Some straight may show their goodnes and kindness in saving gays in worldwide.  Why not gay regarded as goody who also saved people as well! some straight flight for themselve claiming not fearing gays and in fact, we as gay should say we still are fearing their bad personalty and bully! same matter among in this circle!

Who find and feel living happily without cheating yourself or being cheated by anyone in reality?!
how many ever mated and still treasured the happy relationship ever had? anyone still believe in love? treasure? faith? sincere? anyone is proactive with sincere in this circle? real love belief? "real good friendship" and love??!!

one fully disappointed about love!AngryExclamationSad
3 months should go to check one time,for safty
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