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北京BAR & PUB大全
Hugo Spa, 尖沙咀男男按摩, 上門/酒店按摩服務, Outcal Spa, Tsim Sha Tsui KinDO, 香港第一男男按摩服務, 旺角男男按摩, No.1 Gay Massage in Hong Kong




1)            Destination Club

The largest, most popular gay dance club in Beijing. Destination features a large dance floor and several bar areas. Cute, friendly staff (some can speak English). Free WiFi available.
Destination hosts regular themed parties with international DJ’s and go-go dancers. Located near the Workers’ Stadium in Chaoyang District.

北京最大最受歡迎的同性戀舞蹈俱樂部。 目的地設有一個大型舞池和幾個酒吧區。 可愛,友好的工作人員(有些可以說英語)。 提供免費WiFi。
目的地舉辦定期主題派對與國際DJ和去舞者。 位於朝陽區工人體育場附近。

ADDRESS: Workers Stadium Rd 7, Chaoyang District, Beijing
NUMBER:+86 10 6552 8180
OPEN HOUR: 20:00 - 03:00

2)       POP-UP Beijing

Gay-owned shop POP-UP sells homeware, antiques, and interiors design items, located in the heart of Beijing in Sanlitun district.
The onsite bar has an excellent wine menu and organises various events and film screenings. Happy hour from 5pm-7pm.  On Thursday night, POP-UP hosts an LGBTI family night from 9pm.

酒店內的酒吧提供一流的葡萄酒菜單,並舉辦各種活動和電影放映。 歡樂時光從下午5點到7點。 週四晚上,POP-UP從晚上9點開始舉辦LGBTI家庭晚會。

ADDRESS: Office 22, Courtyard 4, Sanlitun, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing
NUMBER:+86 10 6502 5725
OPEN HOUR: 12:00 - 22:00

3)    Alfa

Stylish, LGBT-popular bar with a dance floor and a very friendly atmosphere. Alfa attracts a very mixed, international crowd. More gay crowd on the weekends.
Alfa is strong supporter of the LGBT community. Located in Chaoyang District, a short walk from MESH @ The Opposite House and other gay-popular venues.

時尚,LGBT流行酒吧與舞池和非常友好的氣氛。 阿爾法吸引了一個非常混雜的國際人群。 週末更多的同性戀人群。
阿爾法是LGBT社區的堅定支持者。 位於朝陽區,距MESH @ The Opposite House和其他同性戀場所僅幾步之遙。

ADDRESS: Xingfuyicun 6th Alley, Chaoyang District, Beijing
NUMBER:+86 10 6413 0086
OPEN HOUR: 17:30 - 02:30

4)   Kai Club

Simple, no-frills gay bar with DJ, a small dance floor and booth seating. Diverse, younger mixed/gay crowd.
Kai Club is located in the lively Sanlitun village, close to the other gay venues. Open daily from 6pm.

簡單的同性戀酒吧與DJ,一個小舞池和展位就座。 多元化,年輕的混合/同性戀人群。
凱俱樂部位於熱鬧的三里屯村,靠近其他同性戀場所。 每天從下午6點開放。。

ADDRESS: 3/F, Tongli Studio, Sanlitun St, Chaoyang District, Beijing
OPEN HOUR: 18:00 - late

5)   MESH @ The Opposite House

On the bustling streets on Sanlitun, this award-winning contemporary bar & lounge is located on the ground level of The Opposite House hotel. Alfa bar is also very close by.
MESH attracts trendy, professional mixed crowds and hosts occasional gay nights. A great place to chill out, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy wine and signature cocktails.

在三里屯繁華的街道上,這家屢獲殊榮的現代酒吧酒廊位於The Opposite House酒店的地面層。 阿爾法酒吧也很近。
MESH吸引了時髦,專業的混合人群,偶爾也會有同性戀的夜晚。 一個放鬆的好地方,沉浸在氣氛,享受葡萄酒和招牌雞尾酒。

ADDRESS: 11 Sanlitun St, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing
NUMBER:+86 10 6417 6688
OPEN HOUR: 17:00 - 02:00

6)    Jujiao Yanyi Bar @ Golden Sun Commercial

Casual gay bar, located in the basement of the Golden Sun Commercial Hotel that attracts a mostly local crowd.
Jujiao Yanyi Bar features karaoke and drag shows that attract a large following, especially on the weekend. Drinks are reasonably priced. No cover charge.

Jujiao Yanyi酒吧設有卡拉OK和拖動節目,吸引了大量的追隨者,尤其是在周末。 飲料價格合理。 不收取費用

ADDRESS: 85 Xibianmen Inner St, Xicheng Dist, Beijing
NUMBER:+86 10 5166 3298
OPEN HOUR: 18:00 - 02:00

7)    Lantung Thai Bar & Bistro

The upmarket, gay-friendly Lantung Thai Bar & Bistro serves a fine selection of cocktails and tapas in a sophisticated, 3-story lounge setting.
A great place to chill out, soak up the atmosphere and make some new friends. Weekend ‘happy hour’ with discounts on fresh tropical shakes and Moon Deck cocktail specialties.
Located right by the lakefront of Chaoyang Park.

高檔的同性戀友好的Lantung Thai Bar&Bistro酒吧和小酒館在精緻的三層休息室內提供各種雞尾酒和小吃。
一個放鬆的好地方,感受氣氛,結交新朋友。 週末“歡樂時光”享受新鮮的熱帶奶昔和Moon Deck雞尾酒特色菜的折扣。

ADDRESS: inside Solana, 6 Chaoyang Park, Beijing
NUMBER:+86 10 5905 6213
OPEN HOUR: 18:00 - Late
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