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關懷愛滋 AIDS CONCERN - 性/別小眾友善醫療推廣計畫 LGBT Friendly

GAY Silom 夜市的整改
[Image: photo_silom.jpg?w=700]
去開泰國曼谷玩的朋友應該都知道了,曼谷政府為了整頓 Silom 的市觀及保障路人使用權益,Silom 路兩旁至少 1000 個商戶即將被逼關門,無得留低!換言之,日後去 Silom 個頭玩既時候,中途出來食野行街就麻煩了!


其實大部份出名的同志 PUB、桑拿、按摩店、鴨街都係集中 Sliom或附近,感覺係全世界既GAY都係晒度咁,真係一個招牌跌落黎壓死10個人,8個係基佬,2個係鴨仔。

如果冇晒街邊檔,好似冇晒人氣同 D 淫亂氣氛咁,鴨仔企街又好尷尬咁,街邊檔仲有好多性用品賣,好似偉哥、POPPER、安全套、假撚假人等等,乜都冇晒,整到成個「性之都」冇晒特色!

[Image: 13043505_1534283406877980_44157349618623...=225&h=300]

[b]Vendors at Silom Night Market to be evicted[/b]
The scene of tourists clogging Silom road’s sidewalk as their party of five excitedly stops for pirated DVDs and Chang Beer shirts is about to end.
City Hall has ordered nearly 600 vendors currently permitted to operate on the sidewalk of Silom road to clear out by the end of the month as part of the city’s cleanliness and order campaign, Vallop Suwandee of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration said yesterday.
However, the vendors located in sois off the main road, such as Patpong, will be permitted to stay, Khaosod English reported.
Vallop said that vendors on Silom road usually park their vehicles near their stalls on the main street, clogging the traffic, while some food vendors dispose of their waste in public drains.
Not to mention, some vendors also offer illegal goods such as counterfeit bags, sex toys, and pirated and porn DVDs.
Selling an array of goods aimed at tourists, Silom Night Market is often listed as one of the places to visit in Bangkok.
The decision to demolish the famous market follows similar moves with other locations including markets at Saphan Lek, Khlong Thom, Pak Khlong Talad, Tha Prachan and Pratunam.

Source :
[Image: silom-night-market.jpg]
[Image: silom-night-market-1216.jpg]
[Image: khaosan.jpg]
[Image: onobirthday.jpg]
[Image: uitgaan-in-bangkok-gay-guide-silom-video...d-blog.jpg][Image: tawan-gay-bar.jpg][Image: 2-540x285.jpg]
2016年6月~7月泰國Silom soy 2 Gay Street,最新情報!

1. 雨季遊客少,仔仔選擇不多,因為他們也知道客少,索性不上班!

2. 酒店房租便宜
3. 泰國治安部門於本年度檢查Dreamboy, Xboy, Jupiter等gogobars,並對非泰籍外勞黑工予以懲罰,並加以限制gogoboy show。但8月summer的情況估計又會再度熱烈!
謝 LZ!!!~~~
SILOM 好久沒去了
原來係咁架???我真係5知 每次去泰國都係同屋企人去

Jack'd - Gay Dating [ジャックト]

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