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【廣告、聯盟或其他事宜】(Advertisement, Alliance or Other Issues)
KinDO, 香港第一男男按摩服務, 旺角男男按摩, No.1 Gay Massage in Hong Kong
關懷愛滋 AIDS CONCERN - 性/別小眾友善醫療推廣計畫 LGBT Friendly

歡迎聯絡本網站 刊登廣告
Welcome to contact us for publishing your advertisments

[Image: gVW5R1W.png]
[Image: MV3FIqV.png]

[Image: 8NWDgTK.png]
[Image: L1WezWB.png]

Different advertisement areas / locations are marked as above.
Customers could kindly decide their own advertisement locations or methods of displaying advertisment on tailor-made basis.
We could quote prices for you. Thank you.




如需登錄 貴機構的廣告或有意申請聯盟事項 或 其他事宜,



Welcome for contacting the management team of
Official Email Address:

If you want to advertise your business in our site OR join allies with us,
please kindly send a private message to administrator via this forum.

Our site is not going to send any physical letter to any sectors involved unless official procedure is in need.

The forum account of our administrator is: admin

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【廣告、聯盟或其他事宜】(Advertisement, Alliance or Other Issues) - by 論壇執行主任GM1 - 2016-07-03, 09:58 AM

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